I Dare You To Be Great

I dare you to be great – go, on stand up and speak out. We get to determine what the future is. Let’s engage in the big questions of our time, not the ones we already know the answers to. Ask questions – big ones that make a difference. And once you find the answer, let’s make it happen.

The intent of this book is to touch that space within each of us where we yearn for something far greater, where we know deep within ourselves that life can be beautiful, where we sense that something far more profound is at play. When we tap into what Polly Higgins calls greatness an even bigger truth emerges: that life has greater freedom ready for manifesting. Dip in and discover what it’s like when we Dare To Be Great.

World-renowned barrister and author Polly Higgins proposed to the United Nations that Ecocide be made a crime – to prohibit mass damage and destruction. Her story is a journey of facing something enormous and finding the keys and tools to unlock something even greater instead. Calling on leaders to step into their greatness, she realized that greatness begins with the self. To break the cycles of harm playing out in the world, our Ecocides, is to break the cycles of harm playing within ourselves.

Polly is daring to be great and this is possibly an endeavor that shall keep her busy for rest of her life.

Clink Street Publishing (1 Nov 2014)
Polly Higgins
I Dare You To Be Great

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