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Greatness is a quest: one that speaks to all of us. By daring to be great – rediscovering how to use the creativity, passion and power that sits within us – we can find freedom and inspiration to break the cycles of harm playing out in our world. This is the message of a new and inspiring book by prizewinning author Polly Higgins.

Polly has been voted by the Ecologist magazine as ‘One of the world’s top ten visionary thinkers’. An international lawyer, now based near Stroud in the Cotswolds, she travels the world speaking about a new law for the Earth – Ecocide law. Governance of the Earth, she believes calls upon us to dare to be great. In this, her third book, she invites each one of us to be great – and become a Voice for the Earth.

Polly explores how we can fire up neural pathways that will take us on an exploration into the unknown, and expand our vision of what our legacy could be.

This is a book unlike any other. It does not tell you what you must do, it does not set out a guide or the 10 definitive steps to becoming great by next Thursday – it does so much more than that. What you have here is a gift. I Dare You To Be Great is an invitation of the most exciting kind. The treasure inside these pages has yet to be explored by you. This book provides keys and tools that if fully turned, will open pathways for you and for our society as a whole to become truly great. What this book does is light your rocket within; now all you need do is strap yourself in and take off.

The intent of this book is to touch that space within each of us where we yearn for something far greater, where we know deep within ourselves that life can be beautiful, where we sense that something far more profound is at play. When we tap into what Polly Higgins calls greatness an even bigger truth emerges: that life has greater freedom ready for manifesting. Dip in and discover what it’s like when we Dare To Be Great.

Polly proffers an invitation of a lifetime: ‘I dare you to be great – go on, stand up and speak out. We get to determine what the future is. Let’s engage in the big questions of our time, not the ones we already know the answers to. Ask questions that make a difference. And once you find the answer, let’s make it happen.’


Polly Higgins is a world-renowned barrister and author, who has proposed to the United Nations that Ecocide (mass damage and destruction to the environment) be the fifth International Crime against Peace. Her first book, Eradicating Ecocide, won the 2011 People’s Book Prize for non-fiction. Her second book Earth is our Business, expanded the law of Ecocide. In 2012 Polly won the People and the Environment Awards Champion of the Year award, voted by the Ecologist magazine as ‘One of the world’s top ten visionary thinkers’ and named The Earth’s Lawyer by the Change Awards.


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